Trust & Corporate Director appointment at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates

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Chetcuti Cauchi senior partner Dr Priscilla Mifsud-Parker announced Steve Muscat Azzopardi's promotion to Director, Corporate and Trust Services, at the Firm's Annual Christmas Dinner earlier this month.

"Steve has demonstrated versatility, commercial awareness, technical soundness and leadership throughout his tenure at Chetcuti Cauchi, and truly deserves recognition for the quality and effectiveness of our corporate and trust practice.  Above all, he is well-respected by his own people, who appreciate his loyalty and people development mindset. I congratulate Steve and welcome him to the Board." - Dr Priscilla Mifsud-Parker, Senior Partner.

Since 2017, Steve has moved up the ranks within the service delivery and advisory functions at Chetcuti Cauchi.  His client exposure includes fintech, crypto, financial services, trust and family offices. 

"I have experienced the firm being truly supportive of me and my team-mates through a number of personal and professional challenges over the years, and I feel very proud to join the executive team where I can be of better service to our people and our firm. I look forward to working in this new exciting chapter of Chetcuti Cauchi." - Steve Muscat Azzopardi, Director, Corporate & Trust Services


In 2001, Steve Muscat Azzopardi graduated Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Malta, specializing in Management and Banking & Finance. He started his career at an English IFA and Trustee firm in Malta, serving predominantly British expats. Upon Malta's accession to the EU in 2004, Steve relocated to Luxembourg, where he contributed his expertise to a Private Wealth Assurance firm. Here, he significantly expanded his global experience, collaborating with Europe's top Private Banks and Family Offices in the realm of Pan-European HNWI Privat bancassurance business.

"In a life that has become more and more hectic and demanding both at work and at home, I commend the firm for offering a wonderful work-life balance through the many measures and benefits in place to prioritise our physical and mental wellbeing."

In 2012, embracing fatherhood, Steve returned to Malta, entering its burgeoning Corporate Services sector. He provided consultancy services to international corporate and private clients, focusing on operational restructuring, project management, compliance and corporate governance. Steve assumed board positions in select companies, leveraging his executive role to facilitate their establishment in Malta. These included an insurance brokerage cell, an online gaming company, and a financing operation. He joined the Malta office of a European Trust and Corporate provider in 2016 that saw him overseeing Trust & Corporate Services until he was invited to lead the Trust and Corporate Department at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates in 2017.

Steve is a member of the Malta Institute of Financial Services Professionals (IFSP) and pf the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP Malta). Beyond his professional endeavours, Steve cherishes travelling and spending time outdoors with his family, enjoying activities such as trekking, cycling and kayaking.

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