Malta's APS Bank Introduces Revolutionary SWIFT GO for USD Transactions

December 25 19:59 2023 by The Editor Print This Article

APS Bank is the first local bank to introduce SWIFT GO, a service tailored for incoming cross-border payments in US Dollars, valued at $10,000 or less.

APS Bank in Malta has launched SWIFT GO, a service for incoming cross-border payments in US Dollars, particularly for transactions under $10,000 according to Malta Today. Alexander Camilleri, the head of operations, highlighted:

"SWIFT GO epitomises simplicity, speed, and reliability," 
addressing the need for efficient eCommerce payments.
Alexander Camilleri, Head of Operations, APS Bank

This service aims to accelerate payments, simplify cross-border transactions, and reduce fees, benefiting retail customers, corporates, and especially SMEs. The collaboration with the Bank of New York Mellon ensures a superior customer experience in receiving USD payments. This move demonstrates APS Bank's dedication to innovative financial solutions and customer service excellence.