Gaming in Malta

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August 22 11:47 2012 by The Editor Print This Article

Malta is classified among the world’s largest gaming jurisdiction. I-gaming in Malta has experienced a rapid growth in the past few years. This is all because of its friendly tax policies towards foreign owned corporations and international individuals. Additional to this Malta also forms part of the European Union, increasing its trade platform.    

The Maltese economy depends on foreign direct investment for it growth. The regulatory body goes by the name of Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) which is responsible for all licensed financial services activity on the Islands. Malta is considered one of the leasing forces in the development of regulatory policy. It is also fully involved with OCED, EU and the Commonwealth. 

The Gaming sector in Malta

The remote gaming sector is the most dynamic and the fastest growing gaming sector in Malta and it is regulated under the provisions of the Remote Gaming Regulations (L.N. 176/04). In 2004, Malta become the first EU member state to regulate Remote Gaming 

Over 450 gaming firms are based on the island, employing around 7000 people in the sector, mostly consisting of foreign labour. The online casino and the poker sites are two of the typical gaming firms that one might expect to find on the Maltese Islands. However, there are also many back office operations that process transactions for chains of bookmakers in other European countries.

There are numerous reasons to consider Malta as a base for international operations, including its strategic location, the English language, a stable political situation, a modern legal and tax framework, an accessible and flexible regulator, a strong industrial relations record, a positive attitude, excellent communications infrastructure, a convenient European time zone, and a culture within the industry of hard working professionals. All of these factors, combined with a strong international tax treaty network, make Malta the most attractive European place for gaming services.