Maltese lawyer makes Top 25 Global Migration Attorneys List by Uglobal Immigration Magazine

Maltese lawyer Dr. Jean-Philippe Chetcuti has made it to the Top 25 Global Migration Attorneys List by Uglobal Immigration Magazine. 

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Trust & Corporate Director appointment at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates

Chetcuti Cauchi senior partner Dr Priscilla Mifsud-Parker announced Steve Muscat Azzopardi's promotion to Director, Corporate and Trust Services, at the Firm's Annual Christmas Dinner earlier...

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Malta's APS Bank Introduces Revolutionary SWIFT GO for USD Transactions

APS Bank is the first local bank to introduce SWIFT GO, a service tailored for incoming cross-border payments in US Dollars, valued at $10,000 or less.

APS Bank in Malta has launched...

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Malta Enterprise Grant for Malta base for Dronamics Global Network Operations

Dronamics, a leading player in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has recently embarked on an ambitious project to develop a Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC). This...

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French Media Watchdog slams M6 TV unethical reporting in Chetcuti Cauchi case

Court condemns M6, Enquete Exclusif for fabricated defamatory claims 

French Media Watchdog Arrêt Sur Images reported the...

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“Distortion of the facts”: French media executives guilty of libel in Chetcuti Cauchi case.

Chetcuti Cauchi wins high profile Defamation Case.

In 2019, Chetcuti Cauchi had already obtained the raw footage by Court Order, revealing that claims were fabricated by the...

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Chetcuti Cauchi Case: Commission trashes Media Allegations

The PCAC, the Commission reviewing the Chetcuti Cauchi case, trashed allegations made by a French TV sting that insinuated Maltese lawyer Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti boasted of preferential...

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Mastercard Explores Maltas Fintech Scene

Mastercard has delved into Malta's Fintech potential, amidst the global surge of innovative financial technology companies. Their comprehensive study on the subject was introduced at...

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Malta's Startup Scene: An Emergent Hub for Innovation and Enterprise

As Malta ambitiously strides forward in the global startup landscape, two significant initiatives showcase its dedication to fostering a burgeoning entrepreneurial environment: the Malta Startup...

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Magisterial Inquiry: Chetcuti cleared, Media chiefs charged

UPDATED 2023: In 2019, Chetcuti Cauchi had already obtained the raw footage by court order, revealing that the claims were fabricated by the French media house. In 2023, Chetcuti...

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