Malta Citizenship Quota

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The Individual Investor Programme Regulations set a quota or limit on Maltese citizenship applications that can be successfully passed through the programme.

The original Malta Citizenship Quota under the IIP

The Malta Individual Investor Programme, known as the IIP or simply, the Maltese Citizenship Programme was launched originally in early 2014.  Amidst concerns that this would have an impact on the population levels of the small Mediterranean island of Malta, the Government was swift to add a quota or cap of 1,800 approved citizenship applications under the Maltese citizenship programme.  In Malta, the Citizenship quota applies to 1,800 applications, and therefore 1,800 families, not individual passports issued.

Malta Citizenship Statistics for IIP

As of early 2020, the estimated remaining balance on the Maltese citizenship quota is between 100-150. 

Expected Quota Extensions

Given the economic success of the programme it is unlikely that any government would completely shut down an investment promotion incentive like this.  Even political opponents to the programme who cite moral objections on the probity of 'selling of passports' claim they would 'abolish the sale of passports' but in the sense of making amendments to the Maltese citizenship programme that make it less like a commercial transaction.  The business lobby the Malta Chamber of Commerce has recently been less cagey about this, withdrawing its outright calls for abolishing the programme and directly acknowledged that the standard of due diligence of the MIIP is recognised internationally and that the programme needs to be amended to ensure it's not seen to be too 'sales oriented', probably referring to the often criticised role the prime minister takes attending promotional initiative by the MIIP's Marketing Concessionaire

Will MIIP Changes apply before Malta Citizenship Quota is reached?

Sources close to the  told us that changes could be implemented even before the expiry of the Maltese citizenship quota.  A consultation process was launched in 2018 which indicated that changes were imminent but amendments to the citizenship regulations 

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