Malta Ratifies the Maritime Labour Convention

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July 18 11:08 2018 by The Editor Print This Article


Malta has ratified the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) which provides for working and living conditions for seafarers while establishing fair competition criteria for ship-owners. Malta is thus ready to implement the Convention's provisions for the benefit of individuals working on broad Maltese vessels, the operators and the Malta flag in general.
Malta is the 12th EU member state and the 34th international Labour Office state to ratify the Convention.
The MLC is deemed to be the first instrument that establishes common labour standards in the maritime industry, which is a global industry that engages services of approximately 1.2 million seafarers, hence the need for an interntional regulatory body that offers a series of harmonised rules. Launched by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the MLC seeks to provide seafarers, irrespective of their nationality, with a comprehensive body of rights and rules for a high level of security and protection.
The Convention applies to commercial ships of 500 gross tons or above involved in international trading. In line with the MLC, it shall be required that a Maritime Labour Certificate and a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance is kept on board. Vessels below 500 gross tons or otherwise vessels operating within the flag's territorial waters shall not be required to undergo the certification imposed on larger ships.