DigitalMalta: Malta's Digital Strategy

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July 18 10:59 2018 by The Editor Print This Article

Digital Strategy for Malta

In line with the aim of the Maltese Government to strengthen the position of Malta as an ICT hub in Europe, the authorities are currently working on a national strategy for a digital economy. 

Public consultation sessions are being undertaken in this regard to frame such strategy in line with the needs of the economy and its businesses.

Strengthening Malta's position as an ICT Hub

The 4th consultation session held on the 10th September in SmartCity - a township project having the objective of attracting business in the ICT and media industries.

Interviewed during the workshop, Dr Silvana Zammit (head of the i-Gaming and ICT Practice Group at Chetcuti Cauchi) explained that the growth of the Malta i-gambling industry in the last decade has been facilitated by the tandem growth of ancillary services, such as ICT, telephony, co-location legal and back office services. "All this, coupled to a sound regulatory regime, has positioned Malta as a one-stop destination to any type of e-commerce business. Malta's experience in the i-gaming industries is a valuable asset that should definately be used to grow other areas. Tuned to the original exponential growth of the i-gambling industry, Malta presents itself as a jurisdiction apt to address the dimension of the e-commerce market as a whole", Dr. Zammit held.

Malta is clearly not just committed to become an ICT centre of excellance and endeavoring to become the hub of Information Commication Technologies (ICT) in Europe. In order to achieve such goal, continuous heavy investment in the related education and infrastructure are being undertaken by the state and private entities alike.