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Malta Immigration Centre

Welcome to the Malta Immigration Centre.  In these pages, you will find all information about moving to Malta, living in Malta, taking up residence in Malta, applying for residence permits in Malta as well as applying for Maltese Citizenship.

The inward movement of foreigners into the Maltase Islands is regulated by the Chapter 217 of the Laws of Malta: the Immigration Act. The Immigration Act regulates the exemption of foreign spouses of citizens of Malta and their dependents under 21 from the requirement of periodical permission from the Immigration Authorities, the granting of temporary residence permits, the granting of permanent resident permits, the granting of permission for foreigners to work in Malta.

Malta Global Residence Programme

This residence programme is the latest version of the Permanent Residence program aimed at attracting investment in Malta and providing an alternative residence in Europe.  WIth a lower minimum tax requirement and lower threshholds for buying or renting property, the 2013 Malta Global Residence Programme ensure's Malta's place at the top of world alternative residence destinations.


Malta Individual Investor Programme

The Government has launched the Malta Individual Investor Programme aimed at attracting contributions to the Malta National Development Fund by recognising significant contributions with the grant of Maltese citizenship

Malta's Retirement Programme

EU pentioners and retirees, old and young entering the Malta's Retirement Programme are entitled to favourable tax treatment of their pensions on relocating to Malta and remitting their full pension, which must form the larger part of their income in Malta.  Subject to tax only on a remittance basis, other foreign sourced income is not within the scope of Maltese personal tax. 

Permanent Residence Scheme

Since the 1960’s, Malta has tried to create an inflow of foreign exchange and to generate foreign income into the Maltese economy. For this reason, Malta has continued with its policy of attracting foreigners of a certain level of financial standing to settle in Malta under the Malta Permanent Residence Scheme:


Work Permits

In respect of nationals from non-EU countries, the Government maintains a stricter policy and Work Permits for Foreigners are granted subject to stricter eligibility rules.



Malta in Brief






316 sq km (122 sq miles)

Major languages:

Maltese, English

Major religion:


Life expectancy:

76 years (men), 81 years (women) (UN)

Monetary unit:


Main exports:

Machinery and transport equipment

GNI per capita:

US $10,780 (World Bank, 2005)

Internet domain:


International dialling code: