Taking up Residence in Malta: Conditions of Retiring in Malta

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Malta Permanent Residence Scheme

Conditions of Residency: Do I qualify?
1. Capital or Income Qualifications
Candidates applying for a residence permit under the Permanent Residence laws of Malta need to demonstrate an annual income in excess of Euro 24,000 or a total net worth exceeding Euro 350,000.
2. Having a residential home:
Applicants whose application has just been approved need to go on and satisfy the further requirement of renting or buying property in Malta within a year of receipt of their approval.  Minimum, property values apply for outright purchases and a minimum rent of Euro 4,200 p.a. applies for rentals. 
3. Annual Income Remitted to Malta
Applicants need to demonstrate the ability to remit to Malta the annual sum of Euro 14,000 for the main residence permit holder and a further Euro 2,400 for each dependent.
4. Employment/Engagement in Business
Permanent residence permit holders are not allowed to take up employment, set up shop or do business in Malta in their personal capacity.
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