Identity Malta Citizenship Agents

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You get what you pay for  /  Cheaper is costlier

Choosing your Agent:

  • Peace of Mind: 
  • We have it all covered:
    • Being a full service firm, we have fully-fledged tax and legal practices alongside our specialist Residency & Citizenship practice.
  • We can save the client at least €350K on unnecessary taxes.  Other firms are ignoring or providing incorrect / incomplete advice on tax implications of funds used to qualify for Citizenship by Investment.  We offer full pre-immigration tax advice, including hand-holding the client at the critical moments when mistakes are usually made.

Typical Pitfalls:

These are some examples of losses made by Clients moving their file with us after having started processing their citizenship application with other agents:

  • €350,000 payable in unnecessary taxes due to failure to obtain pre-immigration tax advice:  Citizenship applicant sends approx. €1m or more over one year to satisfy the requirments of the Citizenship application... without tax planning each transfer.  Consequences?  35% tax on income remitted... at least €350,000. With specialist advice, this could easily avoided.
  • Pre-nup signed in home-country invalid in Malta.  Could have easily been rectifed with prior planning.  We offer pre-immigration estate planning advice with our citizenship application.
  • Rejected applications: We've been asked to handle appeals of citizenship applications mishandled by some established law firms.

Fact: CC is the only firm with NO rejections: Why is that?

  • CC is a reputable law firm that treats clients as persons not as files.
  • Our pre-applicatoins eligibility test is REAL.  We genuinely conduct background checks and eligibility assessments to identify any eligibility problems, to offer solutions for these problems and to advise of alternative programs if chances of success are low other one program.

Why Chetcuti Cauchi and not Henley

Meanwhile, below is a point form introduction to our credentials in this area and highlights the importance we give to our citizenship and residence practice within the larger, full service environment we work in:

  • Fully Authorised directly by Maltese Government:
    • Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti, Managing Partner at CCA, was the first to be authorised by Identity Malta Agency (licence no. IIP 001) under the IIP Regulations.
    • Chetcuti Cauchi Advisors Ltd is also a licensed Maltese Authorised Registered Mandatory (ARM), a requirement for citizenship and residence applications under Maltese law.
  • Law Firm
    • Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates is a licensed law firm bound by professional secrecy: lawyer-client privilege is fully protected under Maltese law (unlike other non-law firm agents working in this space.)
  • Offices within 1 minute's walk from Identity Malta Agency offices in Valletta.
  • Quality Service:
    • Full partner attention on all matters.
    • Full concierge services available in a friendly and personalised environment.
    • Full-service multi-disciplinary law firm specialising in the use of Malta in international legal and tax planning, company & trust formation & management.
  • Experience:
    • Chetcuti Cauchi enjoys a sterling reputation in the areas of citizenship and residence planning and in the handling of legal and tax matters relevant to the structuring and planning of personal wealth and personal interests and business worldwide. Our Citizenship & Residence Planning team is led by partners Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti, Dr Priscilla Mifsud Parker and Kenneth Camilleri.
    • Overten years experience in citizenship and residency applications, specialising exclusively on Malta in an international context.
    • An outstanding success rate in residence and citizenship applications, through an honest professional assessment of applicants prior to filing and a problem solving approach.
  • Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti,
    • Tax & Immigration Lawyer, advisor to HNWIs, their advisors & Family Offices.
    • Managing partner, CCA
    • Member, AILA American Immigration Lawyers Association (International Chapter)
    • Member, IBA International Bar Association (Immigration& Nationality Law Committee)
    • Member, Malta Chamber of Advocates, Malta Chamber of Commerce, ITPA International Tax Planning Association, International Fiscal Association.
    • Chairman, STEP Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners
    • Executive committee member, IFSP Institute of Financial Services Practitioners
    • Co-founder, secretary, MAFE Malta Association of Family Enterprises, which he represents at the European Family Business Association.
  • Dr Priscilla Mifsud Parker
    • Private clients lawyer specialising in immigration law and in trusts and estates.
    • Partner, CCA
    • Member, Maltese Chamber of Advocates
    • Technical Chair, STEP Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners
    • Member, IFSP Institute of Financial Services Practitioners
  • Mr Kenneth Camilleri
    • Tax advisor and CPA
    • Partner at CCA
    • Member, IFSP Institute of Financial Services Practitioners, Tax Subcommittee.
    • Member, MIT Malta Institute of Taxation and MIA Malta Institute of Accountants
    • Member, ITPA International Tax Planning Association


Having been handling Maltese citizenship law and residency applications for over 12 years, our firm can boast of the only

truly experienced immigration practice

. With over 10 lawyers and immigration specialists in our private clients team, specialising in citizenship and residency under a number of programs, some less well known, we provide a truly specialised efficiency and expertise that other firms are not able to provide.  Our immigration services include

multi-lingual support


full concierge


relocation services

as well as

familiarisation tours

for different cultural groups.

My immigration team is part of the larger law firm with full legal and tax capabilities, with different legal teams specialising in the various industries that are strong in Malta (Energy, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Aviation, Maritime) . For clients who invest or set up business in Malta, we provide full in-house accounting, tax, payroll, work permits and IT services in a truly multi disciplinary environment.

I can claim some credit in the introduction of the IIP in Malta. Back in 2011, I had visited Dr Muscat, who happens to be an old school mate, and discussed the proposal of an economic passport.  Dr Muscat commissioned us to make a comparative study of investor programmes in the market and to make the first proposals for a citizenship by investment program. When Joseph Muscat was elected, we went ahead with this plan and, in an international competitive tender, appointed the international company you know to help with implementation and public relations. The initial proposals were not very politically sensitive and resulted in a major uproar at locally and at European level. We again supported the government to introduce changes to the programme to secure acceptance locally and by the European Commission, hence the bonds investment, and property rental/purchase and the residency requirement.

In February 2014, we were the first licensed approved agents (with

Licence no. IIP 001), having filed the first applications for citizenship on behalf of a number of clients of my firm. Over the last weeks, we have obtained the very first approvals of our clients citizenship applications.

See press release:

See a sample approval letter:

See press coverage:

Send full IIP factsheet.

We have worked on some high-profile projects involving major foreign investments in Malta, always representing the foreign investor. For example, my colleagues in corporate law are currently in China as our firm has been chosen by Sunshine Law Firm, the firm representing Shanghai Electric Power in its acquisition of the major power generating facilities in Malta. (Reference available on request)

I hope to have the pleasure of working with you on some immigration cases and to have the opportunity to earn your trust as your preferred Maltese partner for our mutual benefit and for the ensured reputation of your firm's services in Malta.