Taking up Residence in Malta: Permanent Residence Scheme



Permanent Residence in Malta

Malta  - a golden retirement location
- a strategic international stepping stone to the rest of the world.

The Maltese Islands abound in historical wealth and cultural links.  Malta has a European identity and geographical location, a European time zone and enjoys a friendly atmosphere and a warm Mediterranean climate.
For these reasons and for the attractive permanent residence schemes with their associated tax advantages, foreigners are increasingly choosing Malta as their golden retirement location or as their strategic international stepping stone to the rest of the world.
Several persons have satisfied the requisites of the various Permanent Residence Schemes launched till now and have been granted an indefinite residence permit.  This entitles them to remain indefinitely on the Island but precludes them from entering employment or running a business of any kind in Malta.
Physical residence in Malta is not required as persons holding a Permanent Residence Permit have freedom to come and go as they please without need of applying for Visas or extensions of stay in Malta for prolonged periods.
Under the 1988 Permanent Residence Scheme still in force today, a person applying under the said Scheme would have to meet a number of financial and property conditions.


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